Tips for Choosing the Best Faux Plants for Your Space

The faux plant industry is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity due, in large part, to the improvement in plant quality and appearance. Unless you are doing some up-close-and-personal inspections, it is difficult to tell the difference between a live and faux plant these days. This is great news for those who love the organic look that comes from incorporating plants into their décor but hate the maintenance and upkeep that living plants require.

The same design elements apply when adding faux plants into your home. Today, we’ll discuss how to choose the right size plants for your space and the right style to compliment any room.

Choosing the Right Size Plant for Your Space

The right plant size will depend on where the plant will live. As a rule, plants that will sit on desks, counters, or windowsills should be less than 2 ½ feet (76cm) tall. Floor plants can range from 2 ½ – 6 feet tall (76cm to 182cm) depending on the dimensions of your room.

Other tips to consider when adding artificial plants to your space include:

  • Place faux plants in areas where they would sit if they were living—next to windows, bright corners. People naturally expect to see greenery in these locations, so the look just works visually.
  • Use artificial plants with lighter coloured foliage for darker rooms.
  • Leave 6 ft of space between (large) floor faux plants and furniture to prevent your room from feeling crowded.
  • Don’t forget about the ceilings! Hanging plants are quite popular and are a great option for smaller apartments and homes, or to use in small spaces like bathrooms. Added bonus – because artificial plants are extremely low maintenance, you don’t need regular access to high hanging plants (for watering)…so you can set and forget.
  • When you bring your faux plants home, pot them in a pot that compliments your décor. To make them look like live plants, top your pot with soil, river rocks, or moss to create an organic look.

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Rooms

Choosing the right plant for your room allows the faux greenery to blend naturally and complement each area.

Living Room – The living area is where we spend most of our time and it is a great place to showcase a floor plant or two. These are especially wonderful for adding visual interest to an empty corner. Bird of Paradise, Ficus, and Fiddle Leaf Fig are excellent options for the living area.

Kitchen/Dining Rooms – Carefully placed potted plants can brighten up a kitchen, and islands are perfect for displaying a dramatic arrangement. Dining rooms often have a corner in need of a floor plant (again, Fiddle Leaf Figs are stunning here), and a long arrangement of small plants in unique pots, or a green disc arrangement, can look lovely at the centre of a dining room table.

Bedroom – The place you lay your head at night should be a haven for rest. Because bedrooms often suffer from low light, faux plants that thrive in shady conditions will ‘look’ the most natural to the eye. If you have space for them, floor plants add plenty of visual interest. Snake plant, and Peace Lily are great bedroom options. For smaller rooms, consider hanging plants from the ceiling or adding a wall planter with faux succulents.

Bathroom – Because bathrooms are moist and humid, tropical plants are often placed there. So re-create this look with your artificial plants. Try adding ferns and for a pop of color, orchids into your bathroom décor. Wall planters can also be used here.

Adding faux plants to your home décor allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds—you get to enjoy all the beauty of a plant-filled home with none of the hassle. We hope this information helps you make the leap into the world of faux foliage. We just know you’ll love having these low-maintenance lovelies in your home.



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