Faux Olive Tree 155cm


Oriental Faux Olive Tree 155cm Artificial Trees
Faux Olive Tree 155cm


Oriental Faux Olive Tree 155cm

When you want to add some stunning greenery to your home but don’t want the hassle of real plants, look no further than our Oriental Faux Olive Tree 155cm! At an impressive 155cm tall, this realistic plant is bound to bring beauty and life into your home – without any added maintenance that usually comes with real plants. Standing 155cm tall, this indoor plant is perfect for any room in your home. Handcrafted with amazing attention to detail, it’s designed to look just like the real thing without a single leaf out of place. Lightweight enough for easy maneuverability but robust enough for display, our Oriental Faux Olive Tree will bring years of enjoyment and natural ambience into your living space. So put down that watering can, leave those garden shears in the shed, and let us take care of the greening of your home!
  • This Artificial Olive Tree is 155cm tall (from the base of the pot to the top leaf) and approx 90cm wide
  • Mixed green & brown colours
  • Potted in a basic black back pot (12cmW x 17cmH)
  • Foliage is compacted for safe transport, but leaves can be carefully styled into your preferred positioning
  • Weight is approx. 6kg

PlantBox has other Olive tree sizes and styles to suit your specific requirements.