Artificial Fern Hanging Basket (110cm)


Stunning leafy and green Artificial Fern Hanging Basket 110cm high on white background
Artificial Fern Hanging Basket (110cm)


What do you get?

This artificial fern hanging basket is a beautiful, decorative plant for your interior decor or outdoor styling. An ornate addition to any porch, entry way or rustic kitchen. This artificial plant hanging basket is an excellent choice with rich, green lifelike foliage that will grab attention. Most real hanging plants are very hard to grow and die out easily, but this artificial fern hanging basket will look pristine all year round with no maintenance.

Artificial Ferns can have a massive impact when you’re trying to create a tropical vibe indoors, with their shaggy appearance providing texture and visual contrast to sharper lines of furniture or walls. Real ferns fell out of favour for a while due to their high maintenance nature, but now that fake ferns are such high quality, and so life-like, they are back with a bang!

The hand-made faux hanging basket comes with stunning foliage, a basket and hanging chain to make for easy hanging.

  • Foliage around 70cm (base of plant to top of chain approx. 110cm)
  • UV treated for colour fading protection – suitable for outdoors and indoors
  • No toxic chemicals or heavy metals – 100% safe
  • Housed in a pot (20cmW x10cmH) that adds a more natural look