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Artificial Hanging Plants


Artificial hanging plants, also known as Faux hanging plants, give you the freedom to experiment with different baskets, attachments and platforms – just make sure they’re nice and secure!

If you’re looking to add to your artificial plant portfolio, but have run out of space down low, it’s time to take things to a higher level! Fake hanging plants look extremely realistic these days, and can really add decorative value to a room. With a bit of creativity, you can implement some simple DIY decor ideas for your fake hanging plants, that look great.

Adding artificial hanging baskets to a room provides a sense of depth, colour and a sense of serenity, feeling like you’re truly immersed in greenery.

You can have the beauty without the maintenance.

PlantBox’s range of beautiful, ornate and realistic looking faux hanging plants will look great in your home all year round. No maintenance required, which is great news if you’ve positioned a hanging basket in an awkward spot, and you’re not limited by the environmental or light conditions of your home.

  • Your artificial hanging plant purchase will help contribute to global re-forestation, as PlantBox will fund the planting of one tree on your behalf – so thanks!
  • Free shipping on these products for a limited time, wherever you are in Australia!

PlantBox has an enormous range of artificial plants and artificial trees to suit your needs.

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Artificial Hanging Plants

Wild Meadow Hanging Basket (110cm)