Home Décor Ideas for Your Artificial Hanging Plants

Have you reached a point where you’ve filled most corners and tables with gorgeous faux plants and feels as though you’ve run out room? Or perhaps you live in a small space and feel you have not one inch of space for an artificial plant. The answer in both circumstances is…go up!

The artificial hanging plant trend is huge right now and is the perfect way to get a few more faux plants into your room. Whether you’re looking to hang them indoors or outdoors, we’ve gathered a few DIY design ideas you are sure to love.

Hanging Plant Shelf

This handy tutorial by Homemade Modern shows just how to craft your own set of hanging shelves with holes drilled to hold small pots.

This is perfect for adding visual interest to a blank indoor wall or for hanging over a couch or low piece of furniture. It could also be hung outdoors if you aren’t worried about high winds knocking your pots about. If you need any other ideas to cover blank walls, consider one of our attractive Green Walls which are very easy to mount.

Hanging Potted Plants

There are literally a thousand ways to hang your fake plants that are unique and out-of-the-box. Consider using a slab of wood as a tabletop of sorts and suspending it from rope. The only thing left to do is add your faux plant of choice and you have a beautiful way to bring an organic feel to your display without using living plants.

Dossier has a quick little DIY tutorial that will have your faux plants happily hanging in no time.

The only thing more beautiful than a hanging plant is a group of plants hung together. It’s a great way to add a whole lot of visual interest and drama to an indoor or outdoor corner.

This creative DIY project by A Beautiful Mess turns a trio of hammered gold bowls into eye-catching hanging planters with a few minor modifications. Depending on the finish of the bowls you use, you may need to keep these beauties on a covered porch and away from the elements. However, if you choose a vessel that naturally patinas when exposed to the elements you could enjoy these hanging anywhere in your yard.

Here’s a decidedly outdoor (and admittedly unconventional) hanging planter option, that checks multiple boxes—it’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and provides a brilliant pop of color to any shady corner of your yard.

Who knew an old tire only needed a couple of coats of spray paint and a couple of drilled holes for drainage (no you won’t be watering your faux plants…but your tire will be hanging in the elements and you’ll want to create an avenue through which rain water can escape) to create this cheery hanging tire planter by the creative geniuses over at DIY Show Off?

We’ve barely touched on the surface of all the hanging options for faux plants. The truth is, if you can dream it, you can DIY it (or buy it!). We hope this provides you with a bit of inspiration for starting your own artificial hanging plants display. We think you’ll love the balance a well-placed hanging plant or plants can provide.