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The Benefits of Artificial Orchids: Why it Just Makes Sense to Go Faux

Artificial Orchids Few potted plants capture a feeling of opulence and elegance better than the delicate and exotic orchid. Graceful and striking with their eye-catching sprays of flowers, orchids have long been embraced as a symbol of grandeur and strength. But keeping orchids happy and healthy is trickier than it seems—so much so that many […]

Artificial Plants – Everything You Need to Know

Artificial Plants: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Perfect Faux Plants for Your Space Until recently, fake plants were thought to be out-of-style relics from the era of our grandmothers – poorly constructed, gaudily colored abominations that could be identified as artificial within a millisecond of torturing our eyes. But thanks to a […]

Home Décor Ideas for Your Artificial Hanging Plants

Have you reached a point where you’ve filled most corners and tables with gorgeous faux plants and feels as though you’ve run out room? Or perhaps you live in a small space and feel you have not one inch of space for an artificial plant. The answer in both circumstances is…go up! The artificial hanging […]