The Benefits of Artificial Orchids: Why it Just Makes Sense to Go Faux

Artificial Orchids

Few potted plants capture a feeling of opulence and elegance better than the delicate and exotic orchid. Graceful and striking with their eye-catching sprays of flowers, orchids have long been embraced as a symbol of grandeur and strength. But keeping orchids happy and healthy is trickier than it seems—so much so that many people buy them expecting to replace them regularly because of their delicate nature.

Thankfully the technological advancements within the artificial plant industry have made artificial orchids virtually indistinguishable from their living brethren.

The Appeal of Orchids as a Design Element in Modern Homes

Since the Victorian Era, orchids have been used as a design element that conveys a sense of luxury and refinement. And, because of their perpetual popularity, modern designers have found ways to weave these colorful dynamos into a variety of vastly different styles. It’s a testament to the universal appeal of these tropical beauties, the notion that they look just as at home in a modern farmhouse living room as they do in a contemporary office complex. Let’s look at a few examples of orchid styling, originally posted by our friends over at Home Edit.

Eye-catching and understated, a pair of orchids make a simple yet elegant statement piece when used to decorate a dining room table.

The height of tall orchids is perfect for taking up empty space between the tabletop and the chandelier overhead.

Large orchid arrangements are perfect for anchoring an office space or reception area, evoking a sense of power and all-business attitude that is balanced with the organic elegance of the sprawling orchid plant.

Orchids can create a serene and inviting environment anywhere…even in the bathroom. Here, milky white orchids are styled in a minimalistic pot to compliment the light and airy feel of the bathroom.

 But orchids aren’t limited to the interior of the home. Here, happy pots of delicate orchids are grouped on the steps of an outdoor patio area, lending a sense of tropical charm and whimsy to the space.



The Challenge of Caring for Live Orchids


One of the main issues orchid aficionados have with live orchid plants is the fact they can be quite expensive…and the more exotic, rare, and exotic the bloom, the higher the price tag. One of the rarest orchids in the world lives in Borneo, and it’s stems routinely sell for $7,000 – $8,300 on the black market.


Orchids are notoriously difficult to care for and keep happy. They require just enough water…but not too much or they will up and die on you in dramatic fashion. They also require specialised potting mix, in the form of either bark or sphagnum moss…and how you care for your orchid differs according to which mix you choose. And you should plan on repotting live orchids every 1 – 2 years as the potting material will begin to decompose.

In addition to water, humidity is important for growing healthy orchids. Most air-conditioned homes are too dry for these tropical plants, which means you’ll need to set aside time to spray them with a water bottle…every single day.

Fertilizing is yet another task on your list—orchids need to be fed regularly with a 20-20-20 fertilizer. But take care to ensure your orchid’s soil is slightly damp before fertilizing—failing to do so can burn the roots and kill your plant.

It should come as no surprise that orchids are also particular about lighting. In true Goldilocks fashion, most orchids have very specific lighting requirements.

South facing windows? Too bright.

West facing windows? Too hot.

East facing windows? Sometimes just right…other times they die anyway.

Some designers try to push living orchids on clients, assuring them they can move their orchid about the home to use as a design element…as long as they remember to return it to its East facing window after their event. Would you like to guess how many times this task is forgotten, and the orchid ends up dying? Too many to count.

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Faux Orchids – The Easy Alternative

Here’s the good news—today’s faux orchids are not the hideous, waxy versions you may remember sitting on local café tables or in your grandmother’s home. Modern fake orchid plants are remarkably realistic in appearance, allowing you to enjoy all the perks of orchid ownership with none of the hassle.

No Dormant Season

No matter how well you care for a live orchid, the time comes when the plant must go dormant to store up enough energy to create new blooms. During the dormant season, orchids drop their flowers and look like nothing more than a stick in a pot.

With artificial orchids, your beautiful blooms will last year-round, ensuring your plant will add beauty and dimension to your home no matter the season.

No Danger of Damage

Anytime you have a water-loving plant living on furniture in your home, you run the risk of a leaky pot ruining the finish. And, because you’ll be misting your living orchid…every single day…there’s a chance the increased humidity could damage your wood.

Faux orchids require no watering, eliminating the danger water poses to furniture and allowing you to place your orchid anywhere.

No Sun Requirements

We’ve already discussed the picky nature of living orchids—they like what they like…until they don’t…and then they die.

Incorporating fake orchids into your home opens up your space to a bevy of design options. No longer are you limited to a certain corner of a room. No longer are darker spaces off limits. Using artificial orchids allows you to add a bit of style and elegance to any room, no matter the lighting situation.

If you are in the market for a premium-quality, realistic faux orchid, we hope you’ll enjoy browsing the PlantBox Artificial Orchid Range. We offer a variety of stunning, zero-maintenance artificial orchids that look remarkably lifelike and are certain to meet your needs.



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