About Us

Welcome to PlantBox, the home of realistic, high-quality artificial plants, trees, and accessories. We sell plants with a purpose, servicing the residential, corporate and events sectors. My name is Kelly, nice to meet you!

Being surrounded by greenery and colour is good for the soul, but modern lifestyles don’t always make caring for natural plants feasible. People are busier than ever. We started PlantBox to provide access to aesthetically pleasing artificial plants and trees that will enhance your living or working environment. We want to provide a range of ‘feel good’ products that complement, not conflict, with modern low-maintenance lifestyles.

Although our plants are artificial, our intentions for PlantBox are authentic. Our longer term goals are to move towards predominantly recyclable and environmentally friendly products. However, it’s also important for us to provide our customers with enough diversity and choice in our range, and with current supply options, it’s not currently possible to provide a 100% eco-friendly range. As such, our plan is to add more environmentally friendly products as technology evolves, and ensure we move in the right direction.

In the interim, and to offset some of our environmental impact, PlantBox is proud to support the great work of One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation. One Tree Planted have contributed 15 million trees to projects all around the world, and for every product sold on the PlantBox website, we’ll fund the planting of one tree. We’ll provide regular updates to our tribe on the great work of One Tree Planted, and our ongoing contribution.

Now, back to the plants. We have working partnerships with the best local Australian and International suppliers to ensure we can provide you with the broadest variety of products at affordable prices. If you need a particular piece or style, we either have it, or we can source it for you.

We believe in personalised service and quality, and we welcome your feedback at any time. We hope you enjoy PlantBox, and thanks for visiting.