5 Reasons to Go Faux: Why Artificial Plants are Trending Everywhere

It wasn’t too long ago that faux plants were considered the paper plate of the design world — functional, perhaps, but not anything you’d use when trying to impress guests. Yet, faux plants have undergone a facelift of sorts, and current faux offerings are of such quality that it can often be difficult to tell them apart from their organic brethren.

Increasingly, consumers and designers are seeing the benefits of incorporating faux plants into their spaces. Still on the fence about jumping on the faux plant train? Here are 5 reasons you might want to make the leap.

  1. They’re Currently On-Trend for 2021

Just about every designer must-have list for this year includes faux greenery, from olive trees to hanging baskets[1]. Faux plants allow you to enjoy the luxe look of designer plants and stems without paying designer prices.

  1. Lower Maintenance

There are people who love caring for live plants—replacing potting soil and maintaining a strict fertilizing schedule—but, for those who prefer less upkeep, faux is the way to go.

Aside from the occasional dusting, faux plants are virtually maintenance free and incredibly forgiving, should you forget to dust them for a few weeks (not so with regular plants and water).

  1. Consistent Appearance

It’s easy to fall down the live plant rabbit hole in which you purchase a beautiful plant, enjoy it for a few weeks, then notice its beauty has begun to wane. You spend the next several weeks (or months), babying and nurturing a plant with 3 remaining leaves that you’ve moved outdoors…or to the garage…or to a back room…too embarrassed of its’ condition to have it seen by company, but too practical (it wasn’t cheap!) or kindhearted (it’s trying to live!) to let it go.

When you purchase quality faux plants and greenery, you can rest easy knowing the plant you buy today will look just as lovely six months…or six years…from now.

  1. Can Be Used in Any Room

Live houseplants require a certain amount of sunlight each day, which can limit where in your home you can keep them.

With faux options, you are free to use them anywhere regardless of light conditions. You may also use them as visual points of interest in high, hard-to-reach areas, like above kitchen cabinets or on the upper level of a bookshelf, without having to climb up and retrieve them each week for watering. With faux plants, set them…then forget them. They’ll do just fine.

  1. Safer for Family and Pets

There are many wildly popular houseplants that also happen to be poisonous to pets and babies. Parents and pet owners should carefully research any plant coming into the home that will be within reach of children or animals[2].

Faux plants provide the beauty of real plants with none of the potentially deadly side effects.

It’s safe to say faux plants aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They offer an easy, low-maintenance way to improve the design aesthetic of your home or office. If you’re looking for a simple, eye-catching way to boost your décor, try adding a faux plant or two. You just might be surprised how good they look.

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[2] Balcony Garden Web